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Dip Into Water with Dolphin in Bali


Dip Into Water with Dolphin in Bali at Ini Vie Villa

The north coast of the island and surrounding area offers a totally different experience: seeing the famous dolphins in Bali. It is located close to Lovina, Buleleng regency, where the laid-back fishing village offers serene mornings complete with awesome sunrises and a daytime atmosphere somewhat different to that of the vibrant coastal area in the south. The place is known for the frequent sightings of pods of dolphins swimming and jumping through the water only few hundred meters off the shoreline. 

Dolphin watching is of course one of the most well known attractions in Lovina. Many people come with friends and family and kiddo also welcome.  These intelligent aquatic mammals are generally very playful, they like to jump up out the water and flip. They also go to the surface to communicate with their pod. Sometimes it looks like that they’re enjoying their interaction with the boat, swimming close to the bow or wake riding along side. 

This social cetacean is mostly very active in the morning and afternoon. A sunrise tour is very much recommended and requires you to set off at 5.30 am at the latest. Early morning tours offers a greater chance to see the dolphins, less boats are out and also the salty cool morning breeze is healthy and refreshing. Another addition is that the entire family can enjoy a beautiful sunrise and snorkeling while cruising the calm ocean. You will have 15 to 20 minutes to swim around the boat or explore the waters beneath. Colourful fish and corals dwell in the shallow water.

Order the skipper for a calm tour as there are some tour organisers that end up chasing the pods. The behaviour of the skippers in the area may give you the impression that they are in competition in chasing the dolphins and these activities should definitely put on your Bali bucket list.


Monday 23 December 2019




Jemeluk Bay for Sunrise Addict


Jemeluk Bay for Sunrise Addict at Ini Vie Villa

Eastern Bali always offer the best time to see the sunrise. Not only Sanur does, but  beautiful Jemeluk Bay offers gorgeous elevated viewpoint where you can see the whole bay spread before you, while in the background, Bali’s holy mountain, Gunung Agung, shimmers in the morning light. Amed’s Jemeluk Bay has become the favourite destination for sunrise and dive along Amed trip of secluded bays and picturesque fishing villages. A beautiful bay is lined with fishing boats locally known as jukungs, and small friendly restaurants, dive shops, and cute accommodation. 

Jemeluk Bay Amed Bali 1

Suitable for Backpacker

While the actual village of Amed has become something of the cheaper backpacker area of the coast, a little like Kuta was 50 years ago, Jemeluk Bay is shaping up to be a version of Ubud by the sea. The yoga signs have started appearing between the stalls selling cheap clothing and souvenirs. Free diving at Apneister, along with yoga and organic food, shows the first spearhead of the alternative society coming to this town.


Cheap Food

Restaurants are mostly small and food is still fairly basic with fresh fish a big item on most menus. Grilled, barbequed, or made into a spicy curry, it is usually fresh and delicious. Try it grilled, or even better, fried in breadcrumbs with delicious coconut oil which gives a healthy taste, as well as being extra good for the health! Salads and chips make great accompaniments along with fresh juices or an ice cold beer and their prices are outrageously low for the best quality. Several other places are available as well, so wander along the road or follow the beach and see what takes your fancy. Or take a motor bike and explore further along the coast. There are so many gorgeous places to discover and accommodation is available at several levels. 

Jemeluk Bay Amed Bali 5


Wednesday 11 December 2019




5 Most Famous Traditional Balinese Dance


5 Most Famous Traditional Balinese Dance at Ini Vie Villa

The Balinese dance is more than just an art form. In ancient tradition, dance is a part of the religious and artistic expression among the Balinese. In some situations, Balinese used dance as a way to fend off evil spirits. Of all dances, it can be divided into two types. The sacred dances and entertainment dances. Above all, Balinese dance is dynamic and intensely expressive. Balinese dancers express the stories of dance-drama using strong gestures from the gestures of fingers, hands and  strong head-eyes coordination. Part of the history includes understanding historical events that inspired many forms of dance practiced in Bali today. 

1. Barong Dance

Barong Dance is a native Balinese dance. It is an art form of the battle between Barong and Rangda. For years it was represented as an infinite war between good and bad, god and evil. Barong is mythological character that has lion or panther-like creature, white thick fur and with gilded jewelry on the head and the tail, while Rangda is a female evil figure that has long hair, horrifying fanged, pendulous breast and long claws. 

However, there is another version of the dance. The Barong dance is trying to depict one of the important part in ancient Java kingdom story during the reign of Airlangga. There are a widow named Calon Arang who mastered a black magic and often caused disease to come to the surroundings. This made her daughter could not get a husband because people were afraid of her mother. Because of the difficulties, Calon Arang was angry and she intended to take revenge by wishing to goddess Durga. The next day, a great flood engulfed the village and many people died. Disease also appeared. King Airlangga with Barong that believed to be a guardian of nature and the army then fought with Calon Arang.  

As the first performance, Barong dance was opened with Balinese traditional music and attractive movement of Barong along with playful monkeys.  In several performance or stage, the number of monkeys might be vary. At this stage, the dance draw a tranquil circumstance where Barong lives. The next stage was a scene where Rangda and his army come and striking Barong with the male dancers.  Rangda then cast black magic by which the spell made the man stab themselves on their chest with Kris. However, Barong cast protective magic to the man and makes their body invulnerable to kris. At the end of the scene, Barong win the war and successfully made Rangda runs away.

Essentially, the play is about how good triumphs over evil. This is generally the principal theme in most Balinese performances and arts with ultimate aim to spread out good moral. The time to watch the show varied in several places and commonly the shows start in morning at 9.30 am.  The masks of Barong and Rangda are considered sacred items, and before the dancer wear it, a present to offer blessings by sprinkling holy water and offerings should be taken.  Barong mask and custom is very heavy and two male dancers are needed to lift and move the Barong from the inside. 


2. Kecak Dance

Kecak believed dates back and composed around the 1930’s. The dance mainly plays about the Ramayana story, an old-age myth that depicts the life of Rama and Shinta in Ayodhya Kingdom and the war with Rahwana, an evil spirit. In Bali, the Ramayana story has become part of the cultural life and moral teachings since the Hindu came to the island around 100 BC.  

The story begin with Rama and Shinta enter the stage to perform beautiful dance depicting the vibrant love and serenity. Someday, Rama was left to hunt but he wasn’t aware that Rahwana was interested to his wife, Shinta. Rahwana then delegates his men to kidnap Shinta while Rama away. Realising that his wife being kidnapped, Rama and his brother gathering the army to fight with Rahwana in Alengka, Rahwana’s Palace and rescuing Shinta. At the last minute, savior comes from Hanoman and his followers.  Hanoman is a Hindu deity, and the central character in the story. At the end, Rama and his allies win the war and successfully saving his wife. 

Commonly, the Kecak Dance consists of fifty to one hundred men wearing only loincloths and the upper part of their bodies are left bare. They will form a circle formation that surrounded the fire and certain character in the center. First, they move their bodies rhythmically to the left and right, chanting the words “chak ke-chak” continuously in slow rhythm then gradually speeded up the rhythm and by turns they lift their hands, trembling, into the air. At the end of the performance, we’ll see that the dancers play with fire, in particular a burning coconut shell,  which has become a symbol of Rama winning the war against Rahwana. As the dance getting popularity among tourists, the number of arts center that hosts Kecak scattered around the Bali. There are several temples that host the dance daily, such as Pura Uluwatu and Tanah Lot. 


3. Topeng Dance

The Topeng dance is originally a sacred dance and only to be performed at temples. However, some of them are aimed to entertain and may makes jokes. Topeng Dance commonly performed by a group of male or single man wearing specific masks that showing handsome, smiling or even friendly faces that depends on the aim of performance. The shows accompanied with traditional Balinese orchestra and narrator that tell the story. 

For instance, Telek Dance that is considered as a sacred one. The dance served as a legacy from the ancestor that usually hold in temples.  In some villages in Bali, Telek Dances must be performed on a specific sacred day for salvation sake. In another villages, cancelling Topeng Telek performance are means to inviting negative energy to come. Or, there are Topeng Tua Dance as an entertainment and familiar among tourists who come to Bali. The dance makes jokes, to ridicule audience and funny manners. They wear white long sleeves covered with colourful fabric like a layered shield. The costume and the attributes are a mixture of masculinity, elegance and gracefulness. 

Whether performing for a religious event or on the commercial stage, the topeng dancers treat their masks with special care. Each sacred mask is believed to embody the spirit of fabled kings and heroes so before each performance, the owner will usually pray and place offerings on the mask. Along with Topeng Tua and Topeng Telek Dance, Bali has another topeng dance based on ceremony or special occasion. Such as Topeng Pajegan, a splendid dance where the dancer acting out several roles by changing both his mask and voice simultaneously to represent the different characters. Or, Topeng Panca Dance that depicts a harmony between human and nature. Based on its sanskrit name, Panca that meaning five, consisting of five dancer and  rach dancers presenting an individual character. 


4. Legong Dance

Legong Dance is a dance about unrequited love story. The dance illustrates the love saga of Prabu Lasem, a legendary king who fell in love with the beautiful princess of Daha.  The princess refused his marriage proposal and the king then get angry and kidnapped the princess. After hearing that his daughter had been kidnapped, the King of Daha declared war and attack Prabu Lasem.

Legong is considered the classic Balinese dance and believed to be developed in the palaces in Bali during the 19th Century. There are fifteen types of variety of this dance which has duration, movement, the number of dancers and performances time differently each others with the majority of dancers are using a fan during the show. Above all. this dance characterized by its intricate finger movements, eye coordination and complicated footwork. In the past, Legong dancers were girls who have not yet reached puberty but today the dancers may be of all ages, performances by male and female. 

The classical performance showcases the agility of the dancers, who move dynamically to a live accompaniment of a gamelan orchestra. Today, there are several artistic variations of the Legong Dance, found throughout the different regions in Bali, such as in the village of Saba and Bedulu in the Gianyar regency, and Kelandis in central Bali highlands. One of the most favorite places to see Legong is Puri Saren Royal Palace in Ubud. 


5. Pendet Dance

Pendet or commonly known as beautiful welcome dance is a dance to purify the temple or theaters prior to sacred ceremonies. Commonly performed by five young girls carrying flower petals and possess as a greeting to the audience. As a religious dance, Pendet is usually performed during temple ceremonies.

In addition, Pendet believed as a representation of Balinese floral offering ritual, where Balinese  offered floral offerings from shrine to shrine within Balinese temple or residential neighbourhood. Unlike sacred ritual dances that demand arduous training, Pendet may be danced by anyone as easy movement or taught simply by imitation. As the characteristic, Pendet dancers bring flowers in small silver bowls containing flowers in a ceremony. They spread the flowers around the temple. At the end of the performance, the maiden dancers would throw and sprinkle the flower petals towards the guests. This dance is a symbol of welcoming gods, spirits, and guests in some ritual ceremonies in Bali. During the shows, the smile never disappear from the dancers and they show good coordination of quick eyeballs, hand and fingers.   

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Friday 15 November 2019




Best Asian Restaurant Must Visit in Bali


Best Asian Restaurant Must Visit in Bali at Ini Vie Villa

Since Asia is comprised of hundreds of different regions, countries and subcultures, Asian cuisine includes far too many different types of cuisines. If you are in Bali and in search for Asian twist, come to this restaurant either for lunch or dinner. You can find plenty of good Asian cuisine  here serving the best meals. The list is not all-inclusive but rather mentions restaurants that tend to visit by many people and would further recommended. 


Mr Husky

Not alike many restaurant, Mr Husky Bali has its own style and signature on the original taste of Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Western. As this delicious cuisine, Mr Husky has received 4.5 out of 5 ratings in Tripadvisor. Try Laksa, a Malaysian style prawn and squid, noodles, served with crackers and sambal Belacan, an explosive flavors of spiciness sauce. Or for those who miss the Thai food, stick and slurp a Pad Thai, a wok fried flat rice noodles with chicken and shrimps, carrot, bean sprouts, scallions, fried shallots mixed with chili. All of these mouthwatering food are the signature of Mr Husky. Another delights signature of this restaurant consist of Duck Summer Roll and Mackerel ‘Rica-Rica’. The chef not only passionate with all of those cuisine, but also mixing beverages, brewing good quality of coffee and mixing home-made liqure syrup to fit with the food.  Nestled in Kerobokan, Mr.Husky offers a fragrant of Southeast Asian and western cuisine. The space has blends with style and comfort, making it a great spot for a casual lunch during the day or intimate dinner and drinks in the evening.



Glass Bridge 

Glass Bridge opens its door in the mid of July and give Jalan Raya Seminyak a new decoration with its light-brown natural wooden furniture full of glass. It has asian and mediterranean food to die for and a place that deserves a visit on your bucket list when you are starving or in search to enjoy another way to enjoy Seminyak. It is also completed with picture perfect spot. The restaurant has the second floor and what makes stunning was the glass that put on the floor so people above can see below and vice versa. Glass Bridge fuses delicious taste of Asian, Mediterranean and Sushi combined with exciting cooking technique. Not to mention the cocktail list that offers various items. They are colourful, fruity and above all, refreshing.


Kojin Teppanyaki

Derived its name from Kojin, one of the Japanese god of fire, Kojin is specialized in teppanyaki cuisine. Well-trained chef will bring you to our signature teppanyaki that blend local ingredients with Japanese taste. Kojin has strong modern-Japanese decoration and opens for lunch and dinner. It has various menu from sushi, sashimi, tempura, rice bowls, shabu-shabu, sukiyaki and options of noodles



Sarong’s reputation for innovation and authenticity has created its prestigious standing upon Southeast Asian’s epicurean stage.Sarong shines out as one of the genuinely exciting restaurants in the region. At the helm of its constantly busy kitchen is highly acclaimed chef produces dishes that cleverly honor traditional recipes while incorporating his acclaimed signature twist. Sarong dedicated to the promotion of Indonesian cuisine culture to a wider audience. The restaurant belief that ecologically friendly farming results in better tasting food, better tasting drinks and supports local farmers sustain opportunities in rural communities.

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Wednesday 02 October 2019




Best Spas for Kids in Bali


Best Spas for Kids in Bali at Ini Vie Villa

Whether you are on holiday or business trip, Bali is a hub of spa retreat. While you have a treatment you can take also your kiddos to one of these spas to revitalize the body and pamper your senses into submission. 


Jiwa Spa

Along with adults treatment, Jiwa Spa in Conrad Bali offers treatment for the kiddos with a range of personalized treatments to rejuvenate the body. During this therapy the children will get back massage, chocolate bath end even manicures and pedicures. All of the treatment are using Balinese technique coupled with Western treatments to enhance the body, mind and soul that run for nearly 60 minutes on each ritual or therapy. 


Dala Spa

With a variety of kids menu from pampering to body scrub, Dala Spa has everything for you and the children to enjoy. The treatments here are designed to calm the children with items such as using French skincare and yummy body scrub that is suitable for kids.



Glo Spa Bali 

Along with common spa treatment, Glo Spa Bali has special kids nail treatments. It has stellar team therapist and stylists providing a one stop shop for all you body and hair treatments. As the spa is getting more and more popularity, Glo Spa is now has branches scattered around Sanur, Seminyak, Canggu and Nusa Lembongan.  



Friday 26 July 2019




Cheap Food for travellers in Bali


Cheap Food for travellers in Bali at Ini Vie Villa

With an array of food and restaurants, Bali has loads of places to offers. From Asian to European, from luxuries restaurant to small eateries that notorious for its original and perfect taste. If you come as traveller and make a journey on a budget, these small eateries might be a good idea as your must-visit place for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 


Warung Murah 

This small eateries located in Petitenget, Kerobokan Kelod, Seminyak where you can get Chinese and Indonesian cuisine. Just like its name,Warung Murah, that’s mean cheap small eateries sell good quality food with local price. By spend nearly US$ 3-4 you’ll get the meal and the drink as well. All the food are MSG-free and you can choose the food in a display. 

Warung Kolega

Located in Jalan Dewi Sri-Kuta, Warung Kolga is a small eateries that became favourite lunch haunt of a growing number of expats and locals. Popular for its Nasi Campur, Warung Kolega offers a choice of white, yellow or brown rice and all the food in the server is labelled in English, so you’ll know what you’re going to eat. 



The small eateries serves authentic Malaysian-style Indian food with the canai and tarik tea signature. It is also ridiculously cheap, a favorite among locals and for travelers on a budget. The kitchen is open so you can see the skillful chef cooks that make your meal. 

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Thursday 18 July 2019




New Things to See and Do in Bali: Hot Air Balloon Experience


New Things to See and Do in Bali: Hot Air Balloon Experience at Ini Vie Villa

Get a drone’s eye view of Ubud’s magical tapestry of rice fields, river and jungle with the island’s first hot air balloon adventure at The Chedi Club Tanah Gajah Ubud. The services valid until March 2020. The tethered balloon soars 50m into the sky three times a day, including at dawn and after sunset. Rides last between five and ten minutes and cost from $212. Now everyone can  see the spectacular display of Ubud from above, with the Island of the Gods’ first and only ballooning opportunity. The Chedi Club Tanah Gajah’s new, one-of-a-kind adventure goes up in the air by 23-metre hot air balloon, fitted for our guests with a cosy wicker basket. Each flight climbs a thrilling 50-metres over rice fields and floats at the end of a tether. Truly awe-inspiring panoramas extend from the lush tropical forests of Ubud to holy Mount Agung on the eastern horizon. To enhance this mesmerising experience, our morning passengers will enjoy breakfast before or after their balloon adventure, while tea and treats are included in the afternoon flights and dinner. 

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Thursday 11 July 2019




Best Place to Eat and Play with Kids 


Best Place to Eat and Play with Kids  at Ini Vie Villa

The weekend has just around the corner and for those who seek for family getaway with kids, these restaurants are worth a visit. With serenity, cozy place and wide range of meal options, the restaurant also offers a playground for the kids to play with. 

Warung Rekreasi Bedugul

This is the best place for those who seek family getaway as this restaurant offers Beratan Lake view, mountain scenery and playgrounds for the kids. The surrounding will give a calm, relaxing atmosphere for family. The kids can experience some outdoor activity also such as flying fox. 

Aravina Restaurant at Bali Equestrian Centre

The restaurant is a part of equestrian centre as the facilities have been designed to accommodate the entire family. While enjoying delicacies, the kids can see a horse and ride a pony horse in a property that lies on 2,5 hectares surrounded by lush rice field. 


The Cashew Tree 

The Cashew Tree offers fresh and healthy organic foods with big choices on its menu. Set out from Indonesian to international delicacies. Along with its mouthwatering food, the area very comfortable, quiet and relaxing with a really friendly staff. Kids can spend their time by running around the spacious open area, or playing with various toys and dolls.

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Thursday 04 July 2019




Golf Clubs when You are in Bali


Golf Clubs when You are in Bali at Ini Vie Villa

In Bali, golfers fall in love with courses for their beautiful views, world-class services, and impeccable layouts. Some golfers also have a love to hate relationship with all those courses that really test their ability. Moreover, the golfscape team has been researching the most challenging courses to play in. Take a look at the golf courses that give an incredible game whilst also leaving players determined to complete some of the hardest holes in Bali, or even in Asia.


Bukit Pandawa Golf & Country Club, Bali 

Set with views of dramatic cliffs, a grand temple style clubhouse, and intricate greens results in Bukit Pandawa Golf & Country Club swinging into the list. Architectural relics and rock outcroppings offers a testing game of golf for those looking to take on Bukit Pandawa. Golfers flock to experience this course as it’s undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places to play 


Handara Golf & Resort Bali

Handara Golf & Resort Bali is a mountain golf resort located near Bedugul with a world-class difference. The first golf & country club resort to open in Bali was voted by Golf Magazine as 'One of the 50 Greatest Golf Courses in the World.’ Course founder, Ibnu Sutowo (1914-2001) named it after his youngest daughter, Handara. The Ibnu Sutowo Senior Open is held at the course every year in memory of Ibnu’s remarkable legacy.

Bali National Golf Club 

Bali National Golf Club offers visitors a truly luxurious golfing experience on the renovated golf club that has three distinct playing environments throughout the 18-hole course. The Hawaiian-styled golf course is only a short 20 minute drive through Bali Mandala toll road from Ngurah Rai Bali International Airport. Bali National is located in The MAJ Nusa Dua, inside The Nusa Dua tourism complex. The course not only offers luxurious villa accommodation but also sits alongside three miles of white sand beaches.

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Saturday 29 June 2019




Proposal Marriage Ideas in Bali


Proposal Marriage Ideas in Bali at Ini Vie Villa

It has long been known that Bali is an ideal place for romantic moment with myriads spot and scenic views ideas of marriage proposals. If you are in Seminyak, this places will boosting the confidence to pose the sacred four words question and worth to try for those who want to bring the relationship into commited one.


Propose Upon Riding a Horse

Some people might think about a unique style to propose a marriage. If a fairy tale or royal family is your imagination, there is a possibility, too. Bali has several horse riding services, either in Canggu or Seminyak. Now, the thing to consider is if you want to do this at the beach and propose a marriage proposal while both of you are riding the horse and with sunset backdrop. This will bring magical moment. 


At Bali’s Iconic Nature Views

The lush and terraced rice field, or waterfalls provides a beautiful and unique backdrop for your down-on-one-knee moment. A simple trick, such as falling down at the dyke, then trying to get up, and propose will work. Or, simply ask the question at the right time where the sun is going down, and the atmosphere becomes serene.


Candle Light Dinner 

When music speaks more on your relationship, romantic dinner with candle light in a resort or villa near the beach will be your ultimate choice for marriage proposal. Under the canopy of wooden gazebo or adorned terrace with rose petals, both of you will experience undisturbed romantic fine dining dinner with your partner. As the meal is served, singers will come with lovely songs. You can imagine the rest. What a lovely moment. 

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Wednesday 26 June 2019




TripAdvisor: Ubud Tour as one of the Top Experiences in Asia


TripAdvisor: Ubud Tour as one of the Top Experiences in Asia at Ini Vie Villa

Travelers around the world have spoken about their journey over 2019 and this month, Tripadvisor has just shown that Best of Ubud Tour with Jungle Swing selected as Asia’s top experience and stand for number 8 in the world out of 25 with more than 522 reviews by the mid of June. The programme determined using an algorithm that took into account a business’s reviews, opinions and popularity with travelers over the last year. The travelers are over the moon while seeing rice terraces that using subak system while enjoying the Jungle Swing. As you might know, the Subak system which applied by local farmers is Ubud’s natural wonders and part of UNESCO heritage. Along with it, the travelers were captivated with the enchanting beauty of Ubud’s nature. Another captivating experience they had is meeting the monkeys in their natural environment in the Ubud Monkey Forest and get a selfie moment with this mammals. Following that, one can immerse with the cultural activity such as soaking in sacred Tirta Empul water temple and a wefie in Saraswati shrine.  Jungle Swing and all about the Ubud and surrounding are worth a try. So why don’t you try one?

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Saturday 22 June 2019




Must Visit Temples in Legian and Seminyak


Must Visit Temples in Legian and Seminyak at Ini Vie Villa

Known as thousands of temples island, Bali has countless temples with different shapes that not only a place for praying by hindunese Bali, but also a place to hosts cultural activity. While in Seminyak this temples are worth to visit.


Petitenget Temple

This shrine is one of the only real cultural attractions in Seminyak which is one of six important sea temples in Bali. The temples line the coast from Pura Luhur UluWatu which nestled in the bukit peninsula and stretch to the most famous temple in Bali, Pura Tanah Lot in the west of the island. Derived from the sanskrit name, Petitenget means magic box and this is a reference to a magic box owned by a priest called Nirartha who would have lived in the 16th century and the one who also had build Tanah Lot.


Masceti Temple

Pura Masceti or Masceti Temple is another famous temple in Seminyak although it is also a more specific one. This shrine is an agricultural temple which is used by farmers. Anyone linked to agriculture can come here to pray for rain or for insect infestations to stop damaging their crops and it is even known as a spot for builders to lay offerings before they break ground on a new property. Pura Masceti also believed to be a guard of Bali island from sea evil spirits. This temple is divided into three sections called Tri Mandala that consist of: Jeroan, Jaba Tengah, and Jaba Sisi.

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Monday 17 June 2019




Romantic Way to Show your Love while in Bali


Romantic Way to Show your Love while in Bali at Ini Vie Villa

While Bali is getting more and more popularity as one of the best places to enjoy a holiday, some young couples also considered it as the best place for honeymoon. It is just a place where people get everything in a romantic way. From romantic accommodation, romantic dinner and many things to do as couples. For those who seek for another romantic couple for beloved one, here are the things one might consider to show their loves. 


Padlocks of Love

Many started out as a heartwarming way for the spouse to express their eternal love for one another by using padlock of love. There are several places in Bali that best for padlocks. In Ubud, the Bridges cafe and restaurant is a place where couples around the world are locked their love. Inspired by the love locks ritual spreading around the world, bridges placed a love tree by the old romantic bridge of Tjampuhan. They express the love and make promises to each other in the beautiful and historical town of Ubud. In a romantic accommodation, a wall of love also attached in several spots by which usually takes place in a garden or entrance.

Mark Time of Love with Wine

Ready to romance your sweetheart? You’re likely to wine and dine them, as wine is most often seen as the elixir of lovers. Wine is so romantic as it gives couples an excuse to set aside time for each other. It really doesn’t matter what varietal you have, as long as it’s something you both enjoy.

Stay in A Romantic Villa

Go to many numbers of accommodation in Bali and we can found out several facilities within. However, choose carefully several villas that are not only preserve a best place to stay, but also completed with pool flower decoration and bedroom decoration that brings a distinctive sense and romantic one. Admittedly, the pool flower decoration attracted loads of visitors nowadays. It is matter a lot for your romantic moment.

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Saturday 15 June 2019




Romantic Way to Show your Love while in Bali


Romantic Way to Show your Love while in Bali at Ini Vie Villa

While Bali is getting more and more popularity as one of the best places to enjoy a holiday, young couples also considered it as the best place for honeymoon. It is just a place where people get everything in a romantic way. From romantic accommodation, romantic dinner and many things to do as couples. For those who seek for another romantic couple for beloved one, here are the things one might consider to show their loves.  


Padlocks of Love

Many started out as a heartwarming way for the spouse to express their eternal love for one another by using padlock of love. There are several places in Bali that best for padlocks. In Ubud, the Bridges cafe and restaurant is a place where couples around the world are locked their love. Inspired by the love locks ritual spreading around the world, bridges placed a love tree by the old romantic bridge of Tjampuhan. They express the love and make promises to each other in the beautiful and historical town of Ubud. In a romantic accommodation, a wall of love also attached in several spots by which usually takes place in a garden or entrance.


Mark Time of Love with Wine

Ready to romance your sweetheart? You’re likely to wine and dine them, as wine is most often seen as the elixir of lovers. Wine is so romantic as it gives couples an excuse to set aside time for each other. It really doesn’t matter what varietal you have, as long as it’s something you both enjoy.

Stay in A Romantic Villa

Go to many numbers of accommodation in Bali and we can found out several facilities within. However, choose carefully several villas that are not only preserve a best place to stay, but also completed with pool flower decoration and bedroom decoration that brings a distinctive sense and romantic one. Admittedly, the pool flower decoration attracted loads of visitors nowadays. It is matter a lot for your romantic moment. 


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Saturday 15 June 2019




Things to Do in Legian


Things to Do in Legian at Ini Vie Villa

Legian is one of the epicentre of tourism in Bali with notorious restaurants, coffee shops with incredibly cheap price. It also has a long row of family-friendly hotels close to the beach and another attractions. Here are awesome spot we can visit while in Legian aside its notorious beach.


Legian Art Market

If you want to experience the real deal, the Legian art markets are a shopping trip you must try. Legian surrounded by shopping streets lined with local boutiques and notable art markets which features almost everything from knock-off brand sunglasses to the popular Bintang beer shirts. There are also unique handicraft items and knick-knacks that serve as great souvenirs and it’s convenient since you don’t need to travel far to the other central Bali art markets that have become shopping destinations.

Extraordinary Family Activity

Loud and frenetic, Legian has everything for everyone. For those who want thrilling adventure, Legian has signature activity like famous reverse bungy and instagramable flow riding action. Such as 5GX Bali Reverse Bungy that offers an adrenaline-inducing “reverse bungee” experience. You just simply hop on and fasten your seatbelts and experience the indescribable rush of being catapulted high up into the air at the mind-boggling speed of 200km per-hours. As their slogan has it, 5GX offers the only legal way to get high in Bali.

Or, one can have their water based activity experience with Armada Flow House that offers fun flow riding action and a relaxed dining spot. Designed to offer year-round waves, it features a flow rider which lets you practice or show off with ease,  just take your pick between a body board and a flow board. The effort level is ideal for adults and children alike, which makes this activity a great choice for family getaway.

Countless Hip Speakeasy

As the hub of tourism, Legian has numerous nightlife activity. A multilevel palace of flash, the Sky Garden flirts with height restrictions from its rooftop bar, where all of Legian and Kuta twinkles around you. Or, visit the ostentatious bar above the Double-Six hotel that has amazing sunset views and enjoyed from the circular booths. An experience like no other place.


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Monday 10 June 2019




Romantic Honeymoon Villas in Bali


Romantic Honeymoon Villas in Bali at Ini Vie Villa

Many of these properties are within easy reach of the beach where we can enjoy spectacular sunsets, immerse with cultural activity nearby and return to homely villa compound with a bathtub or jacuzzi full of rose petals, or dinner by the pool completed with candles floating on the water. Here are romantic honeymoon villas in Bali.  


Legian Kriyamaha Villa

This villa features a number of villas and the comfort of having a private stay in an exotic, greenery location. Every single rooms are available to meet the needs of couples and honeymooners with a spacious, private, and refined feel that is closer to a private home. The villas has beautifully gardens that can only be found here. In addition to the bedroom, the villa features a private bathroom, living area with sound system, a dining area, equipped kitchen and several amenities within. In addition, they have romantic full flower pool decoration by which has attracted many people to come.


Aksari Villa Seminyak

Aksari Villa is an 4-star romantic getaway for couples in hub of Seminyak. Each villa is designed and decorated with a romantic ambience in mind by placing candles on shelves, cushions on sofas, and cove lights in walls and ceilings. Rooms are uniquely arranged with a specific theme and elegant and modern furnishings. Above all, the room has large single air-conditioned room with living areas, their own private swimming pools, sun decks, and fully equipped kitchens.



La Vie Villa

La Vie Villa is a 4-star villa in a quiet side street off the main Legian roads and within walking distance to the upscale of an array of restaurants, trendy designer boutiques and entertainment venues.The resort is within a 25 minutes transfer from the Ngurah Rai International Airport in Tuban, South Bali, while the islands two other popular beach resort areas, namely Kuta and Legian, are just round the corner. While notable dining and entertainment venues such as Ku De Ta, Potato Head Beach Club, Huu and La Lucciola are within close reach via Jalan Kayu Aya and Petitenget.

Bali Cosy Villa

Bali Cosy Villa is a four-star villa tucked in Seminyak. Although not in a beachfront location, the villa is only 17 minutes walks from the popular sunset beach of Seminyak, Batu Belig Beach, easily access by foot. The convenient location also provides ease of access to the highlights of dining, shopping and nightlife that the Seminyak beach area has to offer. So are the upscale entertainment spots on the Jalan Petitenget area, the likes of Ku De Ta and Potato Head Beach Club



Ayona Villa

Ayona Villa is a brand new villa complex located in the unique and tropical vacation town of Bali.This 4-star hotel is only a few minute drives away from the international airport, as well as a walk away from the famous beaches where guests can relax on the sand and enjoy the gorgeous views.There are also many other attractions to tourists, such as shopping area and many historical sites and temples steeped in culture.In the private villas, design has been a key factor in making sure that the comfort and peace of the guests is crucial.The rooms are clean and modern, with a king sized bed, and a private pool in each villa


Ini Vie Villa

Ini Vie Villa is a 4-star villa in Legian, 30 minutes transfer from the Ngurah Rai International Airport and 60 minutes drive to the Ubud main hub. The shuttle services to the Ubud main areas are available by request and you can explore more dining, shopping and local attractions of the culturally rich area. The villa provide floating breakfast which run to romantic and instagramable moment for every couple who stay.



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Friday 31 May 2019




What to Know Before We Go to Bali


What to Know Before We Go to Bali at Ini Vie Villa

Before we arrive, ensure to know the uniqueles of The Island of Gods. Here, we try to give some information that essential. A small things with tremendous impact for the best getaway such as a wide range of transportation, must-try local cuisine and several tricks to getting the best out of a trip to Bali.


1. Rent A Scooter

Bestowed with the enchanting of nature, Bali is full with mesmerizing place like no other. From lush greenery jungle in the northern, and pristine beach in the southernmost. Nonetheless, it is not easy to find a public transportation in Bali, whether it was limited or many places are unreachable with such a public transportation. That’s why rent a scooter is recommended one and that will be beneficial as we can go anywhere with flexibility. Just keep in mind that Indonesia using left track and bring also international driving license while driving. The price for rent a scooter might be varied and approximately IDR 80 thousand or around US$ 6-7 per day. The price may getting cheaper for weekly and monthly rent. As easy as getting the accommodation, we could rent a scooter in hotel, villa and nearby.


2. Get Local Sim Cards

As soon as we arrived we might feel terrible without phone and internet access. Just stay calm as Indonesia is one of the modest price country for phone and internet services. But, avoid to get the Sim Cards in the airport as it slightly more expensive. On a way to  accommodation, try to find authorized Sim Cards center such as Telkomsel, Indosat, XL and 3 for best price and services either on supermarket nor recognized shop.


3. Taste Some Delicious Indonesian Food

Bali has always been known as The Island of Paradise that encompass  natural beauty and culinary activity. Here, we can get glorious food, rich of nutrition, which part of the culture in the past and present. Try a Babi Guling, a roasted pig that became one of the most quintessential dining experience for Balinese. In the past, a Babi Guling feast was usually reserved for big rite of passage celebrations such as wedding and funerals. Today, the delicious taste of Babi guling is already spread out and because of mass tourism it is become must-try food while staying in Bali. Another options is Ayam Betutu, a steamed chicken mixed with red chilli peppers, onion slices,  coconut oil and anothers condiment. Similar to Baby Guling, we can easily find it in luxury hotels and local restaurants.


4. Get Experience of Floating Breakfast at Private Villa

It is unclear since when floating breakfast has been discovered but this morning routine are keep popping up. Above all, there are some villas that become a trendsetter of floating breakfast that gone viral, such as Ini Vie Villa in Legian. Unlike any other villas, Ini Vie is architecturally designed as romantic villa with all aspects of modern living and facilities. Everything was so nicely presented including the floating breakfast to pampering the visitors. The floating breakfast that consist of bread, local or western cuisine, hot beverage are served on the floating tray.


5. Download Handy Mobile Application

Either of Go-Jek or Uber are imperative mobile application that we must have while staying in Bali. We can order an online transportation, order some meal and stuffs and even a massage services to our room just in one touch. It was handy and so instrumental. Oftentimes we’ll stuck in the traffic congestion in Bali and online transportation were beneficial. All that we need to do just in one click. Order for transportation, wait and sit as the driver take us to the place we want, and no need to worry of lost. These application also complemented with e-money so that we can chain on several mini market and supermarket by only scanning the bar.


Monday 29 April 2019




Bali as the Fifth Best Destinations in the World


Bali as the Fifth Best Destinations in the World at Ini Vie Villa

Bali has selected as the fifth best destination in the world by TripAdvisor- travelers choice awards recently. Of course we are grateful to hear that and for those who are now living for a vacation, congratulation, we are part of the beauty of Bali. Let’s keep the island clean and nurturing the culture and environment. The Island of God offers an array of beautiful spots that we can visit. There are mouthwatering dishes on every corner of the street from the most renowned restaurants to the street food, natural parks, legendary beaches, historic sites, clubs and coffee shops that will spoil us. All of these fabulous spot bestowed to Bali and attracted more and more people to come.  There are 7176 things to do listed by TripAdvisor, but the top three will bring us to a whole a new level as it were the most visited place recently.

1. Kelingking Beach

Kelingking is one of the best beaches in IndonesiaIt has breathtaking view like no other so that the reputation of this beach soaring rapidly. If we want to go to this jaw-dropped place, we need to go to the port nearby as this beach located in Nusa Penida Island in the southeastern of Bali and about 45 minutes by fast boat.  It has long been known that Nusa Penida has a lot of beach and not too many people around there and Kelingking is one of the most renowned by getting crowded with tourist each day as its stunning location.  Kelingking is a cliff with the sandy beach below. Many people are stumbled when they try to get the “perfect shot” on the top of cliff. Queues of people even lining up to get the best picture in the way of the actual pathway and it is worth.


2. Sekumpul Waterfall

Sekumpul Waterfall is touted as one of the most beautiful waterfall in Bali. It is located in Sawan, Buleleng Regency, a highland that has so many waterfall and lush jungle. To see Sekumpul Waterfall closely, it takes a bit of effort and struggle. From the parking lot, we have to walk quite far away, down a dirt road and hundreds of stairs followed by across the river.  It takes about 30 minutes to walk before finally we’ll hear the roar of waterfall and see the vertical drops of  water comes in three ways that showcasing breathtaking view.


3. Luhur Batukaru Temples

Located in Penebel, Tabanan Regency, Luhur Batukaru Temple is one of Bali's key attractions and a site of pilgrimage for Hindu Balinese. The Pura Luhur Batukaru lies in 1,300 meters above the sea level, on the slopes of Mount Batukaru and often misty. All around the Batukaru temple we'll find a garden of flowering frangipani, with a gigantic, inhabited, humid tropical forest all around it. The impressive placed Batukaru is situated  since the 11th century, which is an especially sacred site, even by Balinese standards. That's why all visitors have to carefully read and abide the temple rules posted clearly at the entrance.


Tuesday 02 April 2019




Top 5 Villas With Charming Pool Flower Decoration In Bali by


Top 5 Villas With Charming Pool Flower Decoration In Bali by at Ini Vie Villa

Go to many numbers of accommodation in Bali and we can found out several facilities within. These villas not only preserve a best place to stay, but also completed with pool flower decoration that brings a distinctive sense and romantic one. Admittedly, the pool flower decoration attracted loads of visitors nowadays.


Legian Kriyamaha Villa

Whether we are planning to have honeymoon, wedding anniversary and baby shower, Legian Kriyamaha Villa is a suitable accommodation. Offers an escape getaway and tranquility. This villa has been attracting more and more couples to come alongside with services and stunning pool flower decoration. In Legian Kriyamaha Villa, we can have two options to enjoy the pool flower decoration. Firstly, romantic flower petals on the pool and bathtub. Here, we can either swim alongside with flower petal or soak in a bathtub that full with flowers as well. Commonly, a flower petal is a heart-shaped with different type of flowers that blooms and smells fresh. But the customers can request the staff to make the pattern something different, such as a flower formation based on the name or the abbreviation of a couple. Secondly is romantic full flower decoration on the pool. On this services we can see a private pool that fully decorated with different kind of flower, like Marigold flowers, Impatiens Balsamina or so-called Pacar Air flowers and numerous variety of tropical flowers that brings idyllic scenery on the pool and villa. These selected flower forms a beautiful landscape that we even cannot see the water as the flowers fully covered up the pool and becoming photogenic scene during stay. 

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Friday 29 March 2019




Legian Kriyamaha Villa as the second best B&Bs/Inns in Legian from TripAdvisor


Legian Kriyamaha Villa as the second best B&Bs/Inns in Legian from TripAdvisor at Ini Vie Villa

We are glad to inform that recently Legian Kriyamaha Villa has selected as the second best B&Bs/Inns in Legian from TripAdvisor, the world’s largest travel site. We took a lot of effort for being the best on what we do and always passionate on every details. As a villa that serve bed and breakfast services or commonly shortened to B&B, we strive to give the best accomodation and good quality of food. Moreover, often people reviewed us as a place where they can sense a romantic circumstances and get the intimate experience. There are hundreds of people that has been reviewed us on TripAdvisor and feel the excellency of our staff and the services as well. Hence, we are trying so hard to maintain and improve this quality. Not only from TripAdvisor, since we opened the villa on July 2013 we also received many awards and reviewed by well-known international media. Thanks for supporting us.

Legian Kriyamaha Villa nestled between Legian and Seminyak that are popular area at the southern of Bali. Close to renowned beaches, such as Double Six Beach and it takes seven minutes driving. Surrounded by leading speakeasy and beach clubs like Potato Head Beach Club and many others world’s top restaurant. Overall, this villa offer nine villas of one bedroom villa with private pool and bathtub. The bedroom also equipped with 50 inch LCD screen TV with 60 channel selections, DVD player and complimentary Wi-Fi internet connectivity, Netflix, mini-bar, iPod docks and a huge selections of room services. Apart from the facilities, the enchanting of Legian Kriyamaha lies on the special packages. There are six different packages that are suitable for every purposes. Ranged from Romantic Getaway Package, Romantic Honeymoon Package, Anniversary Package, Birthday Package, Baby Shower Packages and Romantic Valentine Day Packages. Moreover, we can enjoy the floating breakfast. A satiating breakfast in private pool that floats right in front of us. Presented in a large, sturdy tray, the floating breakfast is a complete morning meal, with a hot beverage, warm breads, and condiments. Alternatively, we can also have a beautiful dinner surrounded with candle light that lies on the pool and the table with intimate decoration. All of these services will give you pleasant experience during your stay.

As a part of villa services and facilities, there are also full day tour and half day tour throughout Bali with the comprehensive range. From sightseeing the enchanting highland of Bali, family strolls among the paddies and forest till enjoying the sun, sea and sand in the beachfront. The professional drivers will also bring us to traditional Balinese social life to the most sophisticated place that attracted many international and domestic traveler. This to make your stay with Legian Kriyamaha Villa more intimate and memorable.



Saturday 23 March 2019




10 Great Villas in Legian You Can Afford from Bali by


10 Great Villas in Legian You Can Afford from Bali by at Ini Vie Villa

Here are great villas in Legian you can afford. All offer luxurious amenities for a stay in one of southern Bali’s most exciting beach resort areas. Private villas that come in one to two-bedroom options (and even more) offer you great privacy and intimacy, while some of these selections are paired with private pools clad by tropical gardens. If you’re looking for a more memorable stay that normal hotels usually don’t provide, then these selections of the most popular Legian villas should be on your list of considerations for your next Bali holiday. We've narrowed down the many choices and selected these 10 great villas in Legian. You can book your dream villa vacation in Bali here, with just a few clicks!


2. Legian Kriyamaha Villa

Legian Kriyamaha Villa is a three star boutique resort that is situated between the border of Legian and Seminyak.While the immediate surroundings offer plenty of peace and quiet, guests are within close proximity of Kuta where they can enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city.Ngurah Rai International Airport is only 15 minute from the resort, making it easy for guests to start their vacation the moment they land.Double Six Beach is only about seven minutes from the resort as well.The Legian Kriyamaha Villa is a nine unit estate that combines the traditional Balinese designs with a distinctly modern, Western influence....

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Friday 15 March 2019




A Romantic and Intimate Experience in Legian Kriyamaha Villa


A Romantic and Intimate Experience in Legian Kriyamaha Villa at Ini Vie Villa

A little touch of paradise. One of the review on Tripadvisor last year to depict how enchanting Legian Kriyamaha Villa is. They celebrate the secluded wedding anniversary in a romantic gateway with extras touches like flower in the pool, bath and candle light dinner that are so memorable for them. Another review of Legian Kriyamaha Villa as the second home during in Bali that makes everyone shortly fall in love and come back later. Planning for intimate experience with the spouse and feel like royalty for a moment.

Legian Kriyamaha is nestled in between Legian and Seminyak which is popular area at the southern of Bali. Close to renowned beaches, a wide range variety of restaurant and boutiques. As we enter the villa, we can see a stunning pool full of flower that brings us on the top of exuberance. Besides the pool, the jacuzzi tub that fit for two persons also filled with flowers that boosting our mood to relax and pamper with spouse. We can choose other options to surprise our beloved one based on request. Such as romantic surprise of hellium balloons in the room with an ambient color that can be subject for surprising on our special moments such as honeymoon, birthday, baby shower and wedding anniversary. 

Legian Kriyamaha offer nine villas of one bedroom villa with private pool and bathtub. The bedroom also equipped with 50 inch LCD screen TV with 60 channel selections, DVD player and complimentary Wi-Fi internet connectivity, Netflix, mini-bar, iPod docks and a huge selections of room service. Each villa has been well designed with romantic ambiance and truly intimate, completed with four stars standard villa facilities and services by personalized Balinese hospitality and friendly staff who take care and comfort you as your home in Bali.

Through architecture and its luxurious interior design, the place invites each guest to immerse in every detail that makes it a unique residential ambience. In addition, this villa also offers a distinctive experience of dinner with a romantic candle light. It is obvious that its charming tone will make our beloved one the happiest with a tasty treat.

Another unique moment whilst staying in Legian Kriyamaha Villa is the floating breakfast.  A satiating breakfast in private pool that floats right in front of us. Presented in a large, sturdy tray, the floating breakfast is a complete morning meal, with a hot beverage, warm breads, and condiments. A picturesque moment. Surprisingly, this villa has special offer this month. Only this March. Check the information below for further information.


Tuesday 12 March 2019




30 Best Honeymoon Villas in Bali by


30 Best Honeymoon Villas in Bali by at Ini Vie Villa

If you are looking for Bali honeymoon villas to escape into the world of romance with your better half, this is the ultimate guide for couples to visit best tourist spots in Bali. Whether it’s the glorious in-house setting or the charming outdoor view that set the tone of romance, our collection of 30 romantic Bali villas has something for everyone. Book your honeymoon packages in Bali which will make your honeymoon more romantic.  


07 Legian Kriyamaha Villa

For a romantic and intimate experience, Legian Kriyamaha Villa is one of the most favored honeymoon villas in Bali. Each Kriyamaha villa has a 1-bedroom suite which comes with a private pool and a Jacuzzi tub fit for 2. 

Besides its gorgeous setting, couples can also opt for romantic services that include flower petal bath in your private pool, candlelit dinner by the pool and floating breakfast. The villas also provide traditional Balinese costumes for a winning honeymoon shoot for a lasting memory. You can also plan such romantic surprises for your spouse by requesting the villa staff in advance.  

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Monday 11 March 2019




Happy Valentine’s Day from Ini Vie Hospitality


Happy Valentine’s Day from Ini Vie Hospitality at Ini Vie Villa

Happy Valentine’s Day from Ini Vie Hospitality, let’s spread a love to your beloved one, family and friends.


Thursday 14 February 2019




Introducing New Decoration - Legian Kriyamaha Villa


Introducing New Decoration - Legian Kriyamaha Villa at Ini Vie Villa

We are glad to share a new decoration setup at Legian Kriyamaha Villa that we call:

  1. Romantic Floating Balloon in the pool which is included hellium balloon with color can be subject to your requested for surprising your beloved one in your special celebrations such as honeymoon, birthday and anniversary. 
  2. Romantic full flower decoration in the pool, we have another decoration in the pool with new standardization where full flower put in the pool which we call Romantic Full Flower Decoration in The Pool. It’s really instagramble for sure and good for you to surprised your beloved once during honeymoon trip in Bali.
  3. Romantic floating candle light in the pool, It’s our new candle light setup in the pool that we call Romantic floating candle light in the pool which you may add with charge to make the pool more romantic one.

Term and conditons:

  • Hellium ballon use for 5 hours only
  • Candle light use for 3 hours only
  • Flower in the pool use for 3 hours only
  • Please book in advance along with inform the timing setup


Saturday 09 February 2019




Paradise life in Legian Kriyamaha Villa by


Paradise life in Legian Kriyamaha Villa by at Ini Vie Villa

Many of you is coming to Bali to have fun, party, meet new people – for holidays. But from other the hand you also want to experience a high standard or even a luxury stay, where you can rest, relax and forget about that busy city life going on just behind your door. If so, we have a perfect place for you which! Me and Rennan have discovered it lately and of course already checked ourself. I know that sometimes it’s hard to visualise what the certain place looks like, based just on the pictures and words…We came up with an idea to create a quick show around video for you, so you could literally feel like you’re there with us! Or simply inside the villa if you rather imagine being there with someone else… We were playing a bit with our videography skills to see what we can do to make our videos more interesting! Have a look below and let us know what you think! We really need your feedback! 

Read More Here:


View our other videos on youtube channel



Saturday 02 February 2019




Are you looking for a silent hideaway during Nyepi day in Bali?


Are you looking for a silent hideaway during Nyepi day in Bali? at Ini Vie Villa

Let’s check this out @Legiankriyamahavilla, perfect accommodation villa and suit for you to spend your valuable time with your beloved one by staying in One Bedroom Villa with Private Pool and Bathtub during Nyepi/Silent Day in Bali. Legian Kriyamaha Villa welcome you for enjoying the serenity “Nyepi/Silent Day” with Special NYEPI PACKAGE which is included as below:

  • 1x Lunch for 2 persons on 07 March 2019
  • 1x Dinner for 2 persons on 07 March 2019
  • 1 x afternoon tea for 2 persons on 07 March 2019


Term and conditions:

  • Minimum 2 nights stay is required
  • The rate is valid for couple
  • Reservation is required in advance
  • Nonrefundable with full payment in advance
  • Cannot be combined with other existing package or promotion


Friday 01 February 2019




8 Villa Romantis untuk Nikmati Valentine di Bali by


8 Villa Romantis untuk Nikmati Valentine di Bali by at Ini Vie Villa

Padahal masih dua bulan lagi, tapi sudah nggak sabar buat liburan romantis bareng si doi di hari Valentine? Artinya kamu mesti baca artikel ini sampai habis ya! Karena tim pergiliburan akan kasih kamu rekomendasi 8 villa romantis yang cocok untuk merayakan hari spesial bareng doi di Bali. Banyak spot instagramable juga lho, ditambah fasilitas floating breakfast yang pastinya bikin foto-foto instagram kamu makin kece. Dijamin bakalan memorable banget deh. Yuk langsung kepoin aja!

Legian Kriyamaha Villa (@legiankriyamavilla)

Ingin menginap dengan sensasi seperti di Ubud tapi nggak mau jauh-jauh? Wah kamu kuducoba nginep di Legian Kriyamaha Villa. Suasana di dalam villa asri banget lho. Dari pintu masuk hingga ke kamar, kita disambut dengan rimbunnya pepohonan hijau yang bikin mata segar dan hati adem. Persis di Ubud deh pokoknya!

Menginap di Legian Kriyamaha Villa bareng temen atau pasangan bakalan serunya! Karena villa ini  super luas dengan One Bedroom, kitchen, private pool, dan living room. Suasana villa juga asri, bikin kamu betah lama-lama nginep disini.

Yang paling seru itu adalah bedroom nya, sebelahan banget sama kolam renang guys, gimana ga pengen rendeman terus!

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Tuesday 22 January 2019




All you need is a love, but a surprise on Valentine’s Day will be fabulous, did you make a plan? 


All you need is a love, but a surprise on Valentine’s Day will be fabulous, did you make a plan?  at Ini Vie Villa

Bali is one of your the best choice for your valentine day trip and Check this out @Legiankriyamahavilla, offer memorable Romantic Valentine Day Package which suit for spending your valuable time with your beloved onein One Bedroom Villa With Private Pool and Bathtub. With memorable inclusions of the package, such as Romantic decoration in the Bathtubon arrival, RomanticFlower with Hearth Shape, I and U Decoration in the Pool during Candle Light Dinner, Romantic Flower bouqet during candle light dinner, Special Strawberry chocolate on arrivaland one time candle light dinner for couple and one bottle of wine will make unforgettable moments with your beloved one. 


Term and conditions applied:

  • Valid stay on 12 – 16 February 2019
  • Minimum 2 nights stay is required
  • The rate is valid for couple
  • Reservation is required in advance
  • Nonrefundable with full payment in advance
  • Cannot be combined with other existing package or promotion


Saturday 19 January 2019

 Guest Review Award 2018 - Legian Kriyamaha Villa Guest Review Award 2018 - Legian Kriyamaha Villa at Ini Vie Villa

We are glad to share that Legian Kriyamaha Villa has received a Guest Review Award 2018 from which is a travel fare aggregator website and travel metasearch engine for lodging reservations. Base on that, has process data opinion from our valuable guest who has booking and review Legian Kriyamaha Villa Villa, resulting in a score of 9 out of a possible 10. We would like to thank you for all valuable guest who trust Legian Kriyamaha Villa as their accommodation during trip in Bali and we keep looking forward to welcoming you in the nearest future.


Wednesday 16 January 2019






“SPECIAL PROMO 12.12” at Ini Vie Villa

It’s 12.12, it’s time to book direct for staying @legiankriyamahavilla, Findout the shocking rate by scanning the barcode or you may use the special promocode IVH1212. This promotion will be available till 12 December 2018 which is staying 12 December 2018 till 22 December 2019. Please makesure you don’t miss it the offer.
Special benefit for minimum 2 nights stay will get 1 x floating breakfast.

Unforgettable intimate experience is waiting you at Legian Kriyamaha Villa
#1212 #promo1212 #harbolnas
For further information and inquiries, please contact us:
📍Jalan Pandawa No 88 B Legian - Bali, Indonesia
📲 +62 85100 522558


Wednesday 12 December 2018




Romantic New Year Package


Romantic New Year Package at Ini Vie Villa

Do you plan your intimate new year eve with your belove one?

Check this out, @legiankriyamahavilla offers Romantic New Year Package which is suit for you to celebrate your intimate new year eve with your belove one by staying in One Bedroom Villa with Private Pool and Jacuzzi, special inclusions package as below:

  • Romantic Flower Decoration in the Jacuzzi on Arrival
  • Romantic Flower with Hearth Shape, I and U Decoration in the Pool during Candle Light Dinner
  • 1x Candle Light Dinner for 2 persons
  • One bottle of Red or White Wine
  • Strawberry Chocolate on Arrival
  • 1 x Floating breakfast 

Term and conditions applied

What are you waiting for?
Grab it now and make your new year eve to be romantic and memorable one.



Saturday 17 November 2018




Romance at Kriyamaha Villas, Bali by ELIDAZE


Romance at Kriyamaha Villas, Bali by ELIDAZE at Ini Vie Villa

If you’re looking for a romantic getaway in Bali, then Legian Kriyamaha Villa is the perfect stop for you! During our time in Legian over our trip, we decided to take a couples break and visit the ever so sweet Kriyamaha Villa. The city of Legian is a subdistrict of Kuta, meaning that we were not in the city central, but close enough to take a short 10 minute taxi ride to all the famous cafe’s and shops.


Legian Kriyamaha is a very intimate space, offering only 10 one bedroom villas, all with private pools and an outdoor stone bathtub. Like mentioned before, romance is at the very core of this villa! Upon check in, you can order multiple extras on top of your stay like rose petals in the pool or even a romantic dinner in your villa. The best thing is, if you want to surprise your partner or have a special occasion coming up, you can contact the villa beforehand and they can organise a special something like a personal balloon and rose greeting upon arrival.


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Saturday 17 November 2018




Award of Excellence 2018 from Trust You


Award of Excellence 2018 from Trust You at Ini Vie Villa

Legian Kriyamaha Villa has received a 2018 Award of Excellent from Trust You, the world's largest guest feedback platform.


Thank you for all valuable guest who has given the excellent review on Trust You. We are continuesly maintain our best service and dangerously excited to welcoming you back in the near future.


Friday 21 September 2018







Hey everyone! If you read my most previous post, you would know that I was in Bali for the past two weeks.... but now I am back in NYC. This post is dedicated to the lovely Legian Kriyamaha Villa which is also located near the city centre of Seminyak.

About a ten minute drive from the centre of Seminyak, this villa sits in a much quieter area of Bali... which was a nice contrast to staying around the corner from the wild nightlife that Seminyak has to offer!

The villa we stayed in for two nights was amazing, read more..


Wednesday 29 August 2018




Video Update! Romantic Honeymoon Experience at Legian Kriyamaha Villa


Video Update! Romantic Honeymoon Experience at Legian Kriyamaha Villa at Ini Vie Villa

Create your Romantic and Intimate experience with your love and make it an Unforgettable Moment at #legiankriyamahavilla Now, it’s your turn to create your own interesting short video and show the world how happy you stay @legiankriyamahavilla. So, what are you waiting for?



Direct, shoot & edit by @commaditya and thank you for @catherinafebio @kennethbasjes for their flawless chemistry 2nd shooter and cam assistant: @tatahariadi Production assistant: @ikapermatasari MUA by @b.makeover

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Wednesday 08 August 2018




Certificate of Excellence 2018 Legian Kriyamaha Villa by Trip Advisor


Certificate of Excellence 2018 Legian Kriyamaha Villa by Trip Advisor at Ini Vie Villa

Horrayy.... We proundly present our 4th Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor. What is Certificate of Excellence? TripAdvisor gives a Certificate of Excellence to accommodations, attractions and restaurants that consistently earn great reviews from travelers. Legian Kriyamaha Villa got 75% Excellence Reviews from 475 total review. its amzing! Thank you so much our lovely guest for your excellence review on #tripadvisor


Monday 28 May 2018




Legian Kriyamaha Villa has awarded the 2018 Recognition of Excellence by HotelsCombined in Indonesia 


Legian Kriyamaha Villa has awarded the 2018 Recognition of Excellence by HotelsCombined in Indonesia  at Ini Vie Villa

Legian Kriyamaha Villa has awarded the 2018 Recognition of Excellence by HotelsCombined in Indonesia for achieving the highest standards of Customer Satisfaction worldwide. HotelsCombined is a world leading hotel comparison website based in Sydney, Australia, used by over 30 million travellers each month and partnered with all the best booking sites (including, Expedia, Agoda, etc.) to create a one-stop hotel search engine for travellers. Base on that, HotelCombined has process data opinion from our lovely guest who has posted on a variety of different websites, forums and social media, resulting in a score of 9.0 out of a possible 10. 

We are Legian Kriyamaha Villa Villa team very glad and honor to receive the awarded. We would like to thank you for all valuable guest who has given good feed back for us and . We are continuesly maintain our service and dangerously excited to welcoming you back in the near future.

#RecognitionofExcellence2018 #WeAreExcellent #HotelsCombined


Thursday 05 April 2018




Excellent 90 Score from TRUSTYOU


Excellent 90 Score  from TRUSTYOU at Ini Vie Villa

Legian Kriayamana Villa proundly present Excelent 90 Score of 100, with 350 verified reviews by TRUSTYOU


Thursday 29 March 2018

 Guest Review Award 2017 Legian Kriyamaha Villa Guest Review Award 2017 Legian Kriyamaha Villa at Ini Vie Villa

Legian Kriyamaha Villa get scored 8.8 out of 10 on Guest Review Award 2017


Thursday 08 March 2018




Gift Voucher


Gift Voucher  at Ini Vie Villa

Are you looking for a gift to your beloved brothers, your beloved sisters, you friends and your colleague? 
We have the solution for you by buying a voucher stay in One Bedroom Villa with Private Pool and Jacuzzi at Legian Kriyamaha Villa with a very special rate and it’s simply steps for redemption the voucher, see details below:
• Contact our reservation team via WhatsApp at +62851-0052-2558 or email at for redeemable voucher
• Our reservation team will send the confirmation letter once they have period of your stay and your voucher ID
• Confirmation letter should be presented on arrival
The voucher is limited and it’s available 5 vouchers. HAPPY BUYING
@legiankriyamahavilla is intimate and romantic villa which is perfect for honeymoon and special celebrations with your beloved one. Strategically located in Legian which is close to many attractive place, night club, Famous Double Six Beach and shopping street in both Legian and Seminyak, Bali. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
+ 9 villas of One Bedroom Villa with Private Pool and Jacuzzi ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
Special occasion package is available for:
~ Romantic Honeymoon
~ Romantic Proposal
~ Romantic Gateway
~ Birthday Surprise
~ Anniversary
Get and make it your trip in Bali to be memorable one
For more information and inquiries, please contact us:

- Jalan Pandawa No 88, Legian - Bali
- +62851-0052-2558


Monday 12 February 2018




Special Offers Legian Kriyamaha Villa


Special Offers Legian Kriyamaha Villa at Ini Vie Villa


Are you looking for romantic accommodation villa in Bali?
Are you looking for unique breakfast served in your private Pool?
Check this out @legiankriyamahavilla, romantic and intimate experience villa which is comfort for you to spend your honeymoon in Bali.
Special promo is available for staying:
• Get 1 x free memorable floating breakfast
• Get romantic flower decoration in the Jacuzzi on arrival
Term and conditions:
• Reservation in advance is required
• Non refundable 
• Minimum 2 nights stay is required
• Valid for direct booking and new booking onlly
• Valid stay till March 2018
• It cannot be combined with other existing promo and package
What are you waiting for?
Grab it fast the offer and for further information, please contact us:
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Thursday 08 February 2018




Sana Vie Villa


Sana Vie Villa  at Ini Vie Villa

Ini Vie Hospitality is proudly present a brand new villa, named Sana Vie Villa which is located in border Seminyak and Kerobokan, Bali. The villa start opening and accommodate the guest from December 2017. As trusted management, Ini Vie Hospitality has committed to promote and offer the best of Sana Vie Villa.



With luxury concept and design, Sana Vie Villa offers romantic villa which is comfort for honeymoon, featuring One Bedroom Private Pool Villa which is completed with signatures high end villa facilities, guest supplies and guest amenities. The design is combining modern Balinese and Japanese concept, the team made every single material with own design and passion.

Sana Vie Villa is dangerously confident to accommodate honeymooners who would spend their valuable time and enjoy romantic decorations in the villa that make their honeymoon unforgettable one in Bali.

For further information and inquiries, please contact us:
Reservation: +6281210258889
Villa: +62 361 9348858



Friday 12 January 2018




Mr. Husky Authentic South East Asian Kitchen


Mr. Husky Authentic South East Asian Kitchen at Ini Vie Villa

Welcome to Mr. Husky Southeast Asian Kitchen

Open now New South East Asian Kitchen Mr. Husky on the block .

Passionate Food . Craft Beer . Cocktails

Contact us : 


Wednesday 10 January 2018







Recently, DestinAsian Readers Choice Awards 2017 awarded Bali as the best island destination for the 12thyear in a row. Before that, New York’s Travel+Leisure Magazine rated it as the second best island in the world after Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands, and before even that travel sources from Trip Advisor to Condé Naste have lauded Bali as ‘the best’ as well, or at least one of them. The question is why?

When we read the words ‘Best Island’, our imagination tends to take us towards that cliché image of paradise: an empty beach to call our own, with waters as blue as sapphire. This is no longer the case. Travel has taken on new forms and just an image of the perfect shoreline doesn’t quite cut ‘best’ anymore. Modern travellers need more than just a pretty picture to enjoy an island destination…

The truth is that Bali has changed – yes, for better and for worse – but it is this change that has resulted in its success and popularity around the world. What today’s Bali offers us is variety, one that not many other island destinations can match.

If we look at the criteria of voting forums, the different influencing factors range from staff hospitality and available facilities to culinary attractions and cultural sights. If we look at what Bali offers as a whole, it ticks each and every check box on the criteria, and more…

For the real travel lovers, adventure awaits in the forests, under the sea or on the waves. Culture lovers can witness colourful daily traditions, exotic dances and majestic temples. Those after pure leisure will find solace in the 5-star services, fine dining establishments, beach and night clubs, family activities and places for the kid are numerous too.

Even your preferred landscape and scenery is catered for, as Bali allows you to choose from the beach, to the countryside to way above the mountains – and of course the cosmopolitan buzz in thrown in the mix as well. This variety means that whatever your taste is, you’ll find it on the island.

However, it goes beyond variety; ease and accessibility is what makes Bali particularly unique. Nothing is too far or too difficult to do.

In 24-hours you could be trekking rice fields at sunrise, drop into Ubud to watch a Balinese dance and taste some local cuisine, make it down south for a sunset drink at one of the beach club, then dine at one of the many fine establishments before sinking into a club for a full-on night of partying. That may be a stretch for one day, but the point is it’s possible.

Like walking into any megastore, one destination caters for all your needs. This is what appeals to the modern traveller, whose shrinking attention spans and thirst to find something ‘new’ has them scouring the island’s many sights and experiences. But, again, if your choice of holiday is to do nothing by the pool, well you can do that too. The choice is yours. Tie all of these in with the amazing personal interactions we have with the Balinese, well, it’s an experience hard to forget…

With all this in mind, it’s no wonder Bali makes it to the top of so many lists worldwide. The island caters to so many people’s ideas of the ideal holiday that it wins the popular vote.

However, this smorgasbord of experiences that Bali offers may not last forever. Popularity leads to development, which if uncontrolled will see the cultural and natural attractions of the island slowly diminish, replaced by an encroaching modernisation of land and people.

Whilst Bali certainly isn’t perfect today, it has a place in everyone’s heart. So, to the government officials, do your best to keep the balance in check. And to you, go out and enjoy all of it; the ‘ best island in the world ’ may not be the best forever.



Thursday 28 September 2017







It is no surprise that Australians fall so hard for Bali. The local cuisine is cheap, healthy and packed with flavour; the sun is a wonderful antidote to our desk-bound lives under a galaxy of strip lighting; and the natural scenery is both exotic and yet right on our doorstep.

It takes five hours and 30 minutes to fly to Bali from Melbourne, but much less if you happen to call Darwin or Brisbane home.

But it can be difficult in one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations to feel like you are getting the local experience.

Seminyak and Kuta are the leading sirens of Bali, luring Australian travellers with their beautiful sunsets, party scene and thronging beaches. It can be tempting to stay put in these hot spots, where everything is done for you and many of the attractions are within walking distance or a short scooter ride away.

But there is a lot more to Bali than the well-trodden paths; here are some out-of-the-way gems that are well worth travelling for.


The Kuta Beach strip has long attracted sun worshippers, but it’s far from the only golden stretch on the island. Tourists in the know and expats have been heading to a handful of equally beautiful, but less crowded, spots for years.

Chief among these is Gunung Payung Beach, also known as Pantai Gunung Payung, which is on Bali’s southern coast, about 30km south of Denpasar. You will need to descend several steps to reach it, but it’s well worth the labour: the waters are calm and perfect for snorkelling, and the steep stairs keep hawkers away.

Also try Balian Beach, near the Balian River on the west coast of Bali, famed for its surf breaks. It’s also a great beach for walking and watching the waves crash, without a fraction of the masses gathering at Kuta. There is not much in the way of tourist tat, but if you’re after a genuine respite and an insight into the Bali of 30 years ago, this is the place.

Or how about the distinctive Yeh Leh beach in Jembrana in Bali’s northwest? Yeh Leh, often referred to as Mystery Boulder Beach, features thousands of boulders on its shore – not ideal for sunbathing, but a stunning beach nevertheless.


The massages in Bali are famously cheap and plentiful, but spa lovers should also check out the island’s considerable reserves of natural hot springs.

Head to the Toya Devasya natural hot springs, in Kintamani, which offer great views of Mount Batur, in Bali’s northeast, and are perfect after a day of walking or cycling. The waters are also clearer and, according to some tourists, emit less of a sulphur odour than other hot springs.

Tabanan Hot Springs, in the Penatahan Village, in central Bali, are surrounded by hills, rice fields and a mountain river and are simply stunning.

At Air Panas in Banjar, the hot springs are 5km southwest from the popular Lovina coast in north Bali. The springs are in the thick of a tropical jungle, and feature a range of public pools with warm water gushing from a series of stone mythical dragon-like creatures.

Some locals and tourists claim that the hot springs have healing powers, and while there is very little in the way of evidence to support the spring’s magical powers, there is absolutely no disputing their ability to relax and restore weary bodies.


Kuta’s Waterbom Bali features the longest waterside in the world, tube slides, body slides and splash pools – all set within landscaped tropical gardens. It is also the No. 1 activity out of 679 things to do in Bali on TripAdvisor, which is understandable considering both adults and kids love them.

But don’t let the Waterbom park overshadow some of the other amazing parks in Bali.

West Bali National Park has none of the thrill rides of Waterbom, but it possesses a charm all of its own. Nature lovers and birdwatchers will rejoice at the amount of wildlife and wide-open spaces, with the park home to more than 300 different species of animals and birds, including the endangered Bali starling.

There are mangrove swamps; coastal, rain and evergreen forests; coral reefs; lowlands; and savannas to explore containing a large diversity of animals, such as wild boar, Rusa deer, long-tailed macaque, and the ebony leaf monkey.

The park is surrounded by six villages, with a varied ethnic population, including Balinese, Javanese, Madurese and Buginese, and local guides can be hired to take you on remote treks into the accessible areas. The Kuta party strip will seem like a world away.


Aussie travellers tend to fall within two distinct camps when it comes to Bali accommodation: the cheap-and-cheerful guesthouse or the upmarket romantic getaway with pool and Ketut included.

But there are plenty of ways to stay in Bali that break the cookie cutter mould, while offering tourists a unique experience. The African-themed Mara River Safari Lodge, for example, is in the heart of the Bali Safari and Marine Park, northeast of Denpasar, and guests can feed the animals from their hotel rooms. Or as the lodge website states: “Hear the majestic lion’s fantastic roar while enjoying tropical fruits.”

If you really want to feel like a local – albeit one on holiday, naturally – then head 20 minutes north of Seminyak to the small village of Canggu. Many expats set up base here, and there are a number of overseas-owned villas for rent.

The surfing is legendary at Canggu, and the rice fields are postcard Bali. At the Lebak Bali Residence, for example, you can stay in a renovated Balinese family compound for a little more than $100 a night, while at Villa Shanti Canggu rates for the four-bedroom villa are less than $100 a night. Anyar Estate, meanwhile, offers villas with private pools for reasonable prices. Two-bedders start at $390, while three-bedders start at $520 a night, and each villa comes with a view over the rice terraces, and an on-site chef.

Another out-of-the ordinary option is set amid the rice paddies of Ubud. Sleeping pods made from woven bamboo are set 5m in the air and reached by a ladder ... it’s like your own personal bird’s nest. They cost about $40 a night


Only recently has the sleepy stretch of Amed opened up to tourists, and it wasn’t until 15 years ago that tarmac was even laid on the roads.

The area is known as Amed, but technically it refers to a long stretch of coastal fishing villages in East Bali, stretching from Amed in the north down to Aas in the southeast.

It’s become a popular dive and snorkelling spot in recent years, but the burgeoning yoga scene is also worth checking out.

The Apneista Freediving and Yoga school offers classes in both freediving, and yep, yoga.

There are three strands of yoga training (asana, pranayama and bhanda), as well as complementary “freediving yoga” to assist with breathing and technique. If you’re in need of some serious detox, you can always check into the Golden Rock Detox Centre, which offers the full-range of healing and wellness therapies. Hikers aren’t left out either, as Amed can also be used as a base to climb the mountain Gunung Agung.


Don’t get me wrong: the beach sunsets in Seminyak, in fact, much of Bali, are wonderful.

While there is nothing better than watching the sun go down on Seminyak’s Petitenget Beach, Bali’s temples are also spectacular places to watch the sun set, with the dimming daylight throwing incredible colours on to the old stone carvings and monuments. Uluwatu Temple, on the southwestern tip of the peninsula, is a popular tourist destination, and it is worth hanging around for the spectacular evening colours.

At dusk, about 6pm, head south towards the left of the temple, for a quieter place to watch the sun go down. There are also daily traditional dance performances in an open-air amphitheatre at the temple grounds at dusk, which are heavily stylised and include elaborate costumes.

Also try the Tanah Lot Temple, just northwest of Kuta, home to a Hindu shrine perched on a rocky cliff top. It can get busy in peak times, but deservedly so.


Nusa Penida is an island just southeast of Bali, and alongside the neighbouring islands of Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Lembongan, is a dedicated bird sanctuary.

Bali purists love Nusa Penida because it retains so much of its original culture, in the form of fishing villages, thatched cottages and a distinctly undeveloped vibe.

There are basic warungs where you can grab a bite to eat, and a handful of basic but clean accommodation choices. The interior is hilly, and because it rains less than on the larger island of Bali, there are fewer rice terraces.

Rent a scooter and head off exploring and you will be rewarded with stunning vistas from the rugged coastline. Many tourists (though there aren’t actually that many) make a beeline for Crystal Bay, which offers sandy white beaches and is a perfect spot for snorkelling and diving. Finally, head to the Peguyangan Waterfall on Nusa Penida.

It’s at the tip of the island and travellers have to descend 400-odd steps to reach it, but there is a beautiful temple at the base of the waterfall. However, it’s a hairy trek downwards, and should only be attempted by the fit and certainly not the faint-of-heart.



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Thursday 21 September 2017




Why I Love Bali


Why I Love Bali at Ini Vie Villa

In 1993 I visited Bali for the first time. When I went through immigration, the officer glanced at my passport and said in the sweetest voice possible: 'Have a wonderful birthday on Bali.' Who wouldn't fall in love? I spent a lot of that trip slack-jawed with wonderment. I remember dancers and musicians materialising from across the rice fields to perform in Ubud, I remember driving little back roads of east Bali and being unable to comprehend all the green. Since then, these places – like me – have changed greatly, but their essence still evokes love.

Bali's Essence

Yes, Bali has beaches, surfing, diving, and resorts great and small, but it's the essence of Bali – and the Balinese – that makes it so much more than just a fun-in-the-sun retreat. It is possible to take the cliché of the smiling Balinese too far, but in reality, the inhabitants of this small island are indeed a generous, genuinely warm people. There's also a fun, sly sense of humour. Upon seeing a bald tourist, many locals exclaim 'bung ujan', which means today's rain is cancelled – it's their way of saying that the hairless head is like a clear sky.

Bali's Fun

At the end of the day (which is the start of the day for some visitors), Bali's rich culture, many amazing sights and truly lovely people are what takes Bali's sheer delight to another level. Because Bali is fun, no matter what you want or who you are. Seminyak has shops and designers, Kerobokan has luxe beachside resorts and superb eating, Kuta and Legian have the nightlife, and Canggu wraps it all into one irresistible package. Plunge deep into Bali's spirit while renewing your own in Ubud or catching the perfect wave in Bingin. You name it, it's here.

One Island, Many Destinations

On Bali you can lose yourself in the chaos of Kuta or the sybaritic pleasures of Seminyak and Kerobokan, surf wild beaches in the south or just hang out on Nusa Lembongan. You can go family-friendly in Sanur or savour a lavish getaway on the Bukit Peninsula. Ubud is the heart of Bali, a place where the culture of the island is most accessible, and it shares the island's most beautiful rice fields and ancient monuments with east and west Bali. North and west Bali are thinly populated but have the kind of diving and surfing that make any journey worthwhile.

Island of the Gods

The rich and diverse culture of Bali plays out at all levels of life, from the exquisite flower-petal offerings placed everywhere, to the processions of joyfully garbed locals, shutting down major roads as they march to one of the myriad temple ceremonies, to the otherworldly traditional music and dance performed island-wide. Almost everything has spiritual meaning. The middle of Bali is dominated by the dramatic volcanoes of the central mountains and hillside temples such as Pura Luhur Barukaru  (one of the island's estimated 10,000 temples), while the tallest peak, Gunung Agung, is the island's spiritual centre.

By Ryan Ver Berkmoes, Writer


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Monday 18 September 2017




Romantic Surprise


Romantic Surprise at Ini Vie Villa

Give a special surprise to the person you love and make the experience unforgettable as long as you are in Bali


Thursday 14 September 2017




Best Villa in Legian by The Legian Guide on The Bali Bible


Best Villa in Legian by The Legian Guide on The Bali Bible at Ini Vie Villa

We are proud to share Legian Kriyamaha VIlla is featured onThe Bali Bible list "The Best Villa in Legian" write by The Legian Guide by The Bali Bible with great 4.6 stars and 1K viewers.




Thursday 07 September 2017




13 Affordable Luxury Honeymoon Villas in Bali for a Romantic Getaway


13 Affordable Luxury Honeymoon Villas in Bali for a Romantic Getaway at Ini Vie Villa

5. Looking for both a private pool, AND Jacuzzi? – Legian Kriyamaha Villa


If you’re that couple who enjoys a good dip in the pool, and soothing soak in the Jacuzzi… Well, Kriyamaha Villa is just what you’re looking for. part from its gorgeous settings, there are romantic services awaiting. From candlelit dinners, to flower baths in your private pool, in-villa lunches – and one of our personal favourites (you can hardly find this at affordable places by the way)… breakfast/lunch on water! A wonderful, and surprisingly romantic way to keep your bellies nicely satiated, as you relax the day away in the pool.

For those who love dressing up, you may even get all dolled up in the traditional Balinese couple costumes, for that winning honeymoon shot you’ll treasure forever. Other than that, requests for romantic surprise set-ups are welcome too!

Lastly, you’ll be happy to note that Legian Kriyamaha is conveniently situated minutes from Legian/Seminyak’s famous shopping street and night market. Other than that, it’s only a 7 to 15 minutes drive away from other areas like Double Six Beach, Kuta Beach, Seminyak Square, and more!




Tuesday 29 August 2017




Special Promotion - Campaign Legian Kriyamaha Villa


Special Promotion - Campaign Legian Kriyamaha Villa at Ini Vie Villa

Plan your honeymoon trip in Bali

Book your stay in One Bedroom Villa with Private Pool and Jacuzzi at LegianKriyamaha Villa, get special benefits:

- Pick up at Airport
- Flower in the pool and Jacuzzi
- 1 x floating breakfast
- 1 x afternoon tea
- Free wording on the bed upon arrival (Happy honeymoon or anniversary or birthday)

Term and conditions:

- Booking period: immediately - 30 September 2017
- Stay period: 1 Oct-10 December 2017
- Valid for direct booking and new booking only
- Minimum 3 nights stay required
- Nonrefundable with full payment in advance
- Not combine with other existing benefits and package


For further information, please contact:
Reservation: +6285100522558



Tuesday 22 August 2017




Top 10 Best Tours in Bali


Top 10 Best Tours in Bali at Ini Vie Villa

These are the best tours in Bali, with something for pretty much any type of visitor. Exciting excursions and unique sightseeing opportunities are plentiful on Bali, from the cultural to the action-packed. Adrenaline junkies can cruise down challenging rapids and immerse themselves in the scenic rural countryside of Bali’s interiors, while those into history and cultural discovery can admire the collection of majestic temples through full day tours. The most popular tours in Bali cover various highlights across the island’s eight different regencies, from the cool uplands down to the coastal waters. Here, we’ve narrowed them down to help you decide on the best options available so you can plan your stay in Bali ahead with a half or full day out to experience the very best of Bali’s sights and sensations.

1. Tanah Lot, a pilgrimage site and temple set dramatically on a rock in the sea. Watch the surf crash around the base of the temple as the sun sets on this picture-perfect scene.

2.  Kedaton Monkey Forest and Sanctuary, where hundreds of gray macaques swing from the treetops and approach visitors.

3.  UNESCO-listed cultural site of Goa Gajah (Elephant Cave) and wonder at the detailed sculptures of mythological creatures carved into the cave entrance.

4.  Batubulan Village, famed for its stone statues and sculptures. While there, watch the lively Barong dance, a piece of Balinese mythology with ornate costumes, traditional dancing, and unique musical instruments.

5.  Combine a wonderful cruise on the magnificent Bali coastline with a delicious dinner aboard the Bali Hai Cruise. Absorb the scenery around Bali and see your surroundings set against the backdrop of a spectacular sunset.

6. Splash down the rapids of the Ayung River, paddling along with your expert guide as they lead you between lazy pools perfect for swimming and Class III falls sure to get your heart pumping. Afterward, warm up with a hot shower and enjoy a delicious buffet lunch with stunning valley views.

7.  In a dramatic location on the slopes of an active volcano, Mount Agung, sits the one of the most sacred Hindu temples of Bali—Mother Temple of Besakih.

8.  Kintamani, where you can admire the lush panoramic sight of Mount Batur and the glistening volcanic crater lake of Danau Batur. At lunchtime, find a local restaurant with magnificent views of the volcano.

9.  Lembongan Island, the boat anchors by a private pontoon where you can enjoy a buffet lunch and try any number of unforgettable experiences. Take to the sea in a kayak or banana boat, dive in for some snorkeling, or don a diving helmet to take a walk with the colorful fish.

10.  Enjoy a high-speed cruise out to Nusa Dua and Uluwatu's coastline for a magical encounter with native dolphins. See dolphins swim and jump in synchronizing harmony and listen to their unique way of communicating with each other via the boat's high-quality underwater sound transmitter.

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Monday 21 August 2017




Certificate of Excellent by Trip Advisor on 2017


Certificate of Excellent by Trip Advisor on 2017 at Ini Vie Villa

TripAdvisor just released certificate of Excellent on 2017 for their partners and we are glad to share that we are one of their partner who get certificate of excellent on 2017 as we are continuously and consistently earn great reviews from our valuable guest. This certificate of excellent is continuously given to Legian Kriyamaha Villa on 2015, 2016 and now on 2017 for specialty lodging in Legian Bali. We would like to say big thanks to our valuable guest who spare your time to review Legian Kriyamaha Villa on TripAdvisor.


Monday 21 August 2017